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Industrial stainless steel autoclaves

Choose the safety of B.F.B. certified autoclaves. Group

In 2020, we chose to deploy our expertise in PED plants for the production of autoclaves for fast-closing industrial processes.

Our stainless steel constructions are widely used in the food industry for steam cooking and sterilisation.

Our carbon steel constructions are aimed at the aviationautomotivesportsrubber and ceramic industries, as well as the tyre retreading sector.

R.C. autoclaves for industrial processes

We build and test our autoclaves based on the PED/EC Directive 2014/68/EU and, on request, also based on ASME Sect. VIII Division 1.

The production range includes autoclaves with diameters from 1 metre up to 3 metres and more, while lengths of up to 10 metres can also be exceeded, with pressures from 1 to over 15 bar and operating temperatures of up to 250°C.

All autoclaves are equipped with recirculation ventilation to optimise temperature uniformity: they are insulated internally or externally, depending on type, to minimise heat loss.

Each solution is equipped with control and regulation accessories with automatic valves, heating and cooling coils, and electric heaters.

We create your systems from design to installation with dedicated services.


I nostri impianti

Sistemi UHV per applicazioni industriali

Realizziamo sistemi UHV (Ultra High Vacuum) per processi industriali. Questi impianti operano in assenza di pressione, generando un vuoto grazie a pompe specializzate, tra cui quelle turbomolecolari, criogeniche, ioniche e di sublimazione di titanio.

Le applicazioni principali sono nel settore automotive per la cromatura dei veicoli, per i rivestimenti in film dei prodotti, per la realizzazione di tubi elettronici, per la fusione a leghe sotto vuoto, metallizzazione, isolamento termico e liofilizzazione.

Vengono inoltre utilizzati nell’ambito della nanotecnologia e della fisica nucleare.

Camere UHV

Attraverso le pompe turbomolecolari, le camere ultra alto vuoto (denominate anche sistemi UHV) operano creando al loro interno un ambiente ideale per la lavorazione di strumenti di precisione.

Le più utilizzate sono quelle dotate di pompa turbomolecolare o criogenica: in precedenza i settori di riferimento erano aerospaziale e luxury mentre ad oggi i prodotti finali sono anche di uso quotidiano come lenti fotocromatiche e cromatura di automobili.

Le lavorazioni più comuni sono la liofilizzazione e il degasaggio di oli, l’isolamento termico, il packaging sotto vuoto, la spettroscopia con fotoelettroni e la produzione di tubi catodici.

Technology and safety

Maximum protection

All autoclaves have advanced PED/EC approved safety systems.

Each autoclave is equipped with an electrical control panel where a dedicated PC-PLC with process control and management software is installed.

The installed system is of the latest Gefran brand and is divided into graphic pages with easy-to-understand icons.

It is complete with local and remote supervision: smartphone management is also included, enabling you to operate remotely even outside the plant as if you were in front of the autoclave itself.

Use in Industry 4.0

The system also includes remote assistance, which is indispensable for meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0.

The Gefran-certified system for use in Industry 4.0 is able to transmit all process data running in dedicated language to the Enterprise Management System (EMS).

We include all necessary software in our delivery service.

Autoclaves are rigorously checked before delivery complete with technical documentation.

We provide the required test certificates, user and maintenance manuals, electrical and functional diagrams.

We offer the possibility of relying on our technical support for the installation and instructions for the relevant staff; we are also available with after-sales services and spare parts.

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