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Our company

B.F.B. Group: 5 specialised companies for your projects

Experience is the key to our work – each division has trained professionals and precise, versatile machinery.

We offer a continuous service with a synergistic collaboration between departments: we work on the designmanufactureassembly drawing and installation of components for industrial processes.

The autonomy of our group enables us to handle highly complex assignments and distribute work among internal divisions: we optimise our schedules and guarantee quality installations.

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Step by step - ready to grow

1998Foundation of B.F.B. S.r.l. in Varano de' Melegari, we work on carpentry and welding for the food and pharmaceutical industries
2009We choose to invest in our first big change: we chose a larger premises in Medesano to house offices and workshops, working in synergy
2010We provide our welding expertise to create unique furnishing accessories: B.F.B. Design becomes reality
2018We choose to in-source our tube production and founded B.F.B. Piping: investing in high-precision machinery
2021We integrate the machining division and develop the production of autoclaves for industrial processes
OggiWe are a tight-knit and constantly evolving company: we take on the challenges of the market to develop new solutions

We stand out thanks to our


We have skills and tools to manage our plants from the design to installation phase


We carry out certified welds and the work is carefully tested


We invest in our resources: from training of technicians to machinery for large products


We offer advice from our engineers for customised projects and the integration of customised components


We combine our machining skills and quest for uniqueness to create design solutions


We operate in full compliance with regulations, in particular for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Our customers

We provide safe and reliable equipment by machining metals using metal carpentry and precision welding techniques.

We are a contract partner to companies in the food, chemical-pharmaceuticalpetrochemical, energy-geothermal and automotive industries.

Our distribution network covers the whole of Italy, but the products we manufacture are installed internationally.

We also serve complex and heavily regulated sectors