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Manufacturing skills and passion for design

Creativity and expertise to make your home unique

The history of B.F.B. Design was born out of a desire for sharing and discovery.

It is the place where creativity and precision meet to create exclusive furnishing accessories.

We use durable metals that, combined with our machining skills, turn ideas into innovative and fascinating architectural design elements.

Each piece we produce is the result of meticulous attention to detail and a constant commitment to the search for unusual shapes and combinations.

Beyond appearances

We interpret reality by breaking down elements to make them the protagonists of everyday environments.

Steel, strong and resistant, feels soft and cosy.

Stairs and tables do not lose their impressiveness in the interplay of harmonious stylistic contrasts.

Adding value to the B.F.B. project Design is the collaboration with local craftspeople: windows, tables and stairs pass through expert hands to make each space authentic. 


Our ideas come true

Maui brazier
Kauai brazier
Dama Stairs
Accordo Stairs
Spazio Stairs
Luxor Windows
Comma Stool
Delta Table
Do you want to furnish your offices with rare furnishings?