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Our Services for Metal Carpentry and Industrial Production

Continuous support for customised machining

The skills acquired over the years have enabled our company to provide lasting services. We meet your needs at all stages of processing, offering tailor-made solutions to solve the problems involved in integrating a new plant into your production layout.

Our service options

You can choose our turnkey solutions or rely on our advice for customised installations. We simplify the implementation process and ensure that everything is ready for operational start-up.

We provide complete support from design to production as well as quality control. We guarantee short development times, fast delivery and the use of the most advanced assembly techniques.

Estimation and design

We take care of your project from the very beginning: we work closely together to plan the precise implementation of new installations.

We carefully consider material specifications and manufacturing processes, along with surface characteristics and machining.

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Components Tailored to Your Needs

Our production includes the manufacture of customised parts for various purposes, including customisation of installationsmodification work and the supply of spare parts. Our team of technicians in cooperation with engineers work with certified materials and determine production cycles to ensure efficiency and timely deliveries.

Every stage of production undergoes rigorous quality control – we offer quality finishes, certified welds, calendered partslaser-cut tubes and solutions for single or complex parts.

Plant construction

Our production department is equipped with large electrical and mechanical assembly areas, lifting and material handling equipment and assemblies. Plant construction requires precise planning to optimise assembly time. To ensure the safety of our customers, we provide declarations of conformity as an integral part of every project. Our experience extends to all industrial processes:
  • plant construction on SKID
  • fluid handling equipment
  • water treatment plants
  • steam generators
  • CIP washing
  • PED pressure tanks
  • fluid system

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Assembly and Installation

We complete all industrial assembly and testing operations in temperature-controlled environments, in compliance with European guidelines. We are experts in a wide range of machining operations on parts of various sizes, ensuring safety and durability. We manage the assembly of small, medium and large machinery, offering comprehensive services to optimise the management of orders. Moreover, we provide purchasing and storage services for raw materials and components, ensuring the traceability and quality of the materials used at each processing stage.

After-sales service

Our commitment goes beyond the sale stage. We offer an on-site service directly at our customers’ premises. This means that you are never alone in case of need. We are ready to take action with rapid repairs or re-work of assembled products. Moreover, we supply and replace the necessary spare parts so that production is not interrupted.

What materials are we able to process?

Over time, we have developed great expertise in the processing of metals, each with its own unique characteristics – particularly important when it comes to production for the food and chemical-pharmaceutical industries.

Stainless steel
Cast iron
Our operators are trained and certified to handle raw materials subject to regulations and restrictions.