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Heavy carpentry machining

Hygiene and safety for your installations

We serve a variety of industries across Italy: food and vacuum sealed food, as well as chemical-pharmaceutical and general mechanics. Our reputation is based on the precision of our milling and turning operations, guaranteeing a high level of performance and impeccable quality.

We have state-of-the-art machinery and experienced personnel that provide flawless finishes. We specialise in the manufacture of components, the assembly of mechanical assemblies and entire production lines, the management of fluid systems, the wiring of switchboards, and the overhaulmaintenance and testing of installations.

Specialising in large-scale mechanical machining

We stand out in the machining of large components with robust and versatile milling and turning equipment.

We tackle tough challenges every day, offering tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industries.

These are strictly regulated productions: at B.F.B. we provide a certification of welding operations and related processing.

We also serve complex and heavily regulated industries

The turning process

Turning is essential as it enables us to create components with tight dimensional tolerances, surfaces to be finished precisely and machining repeatability to be ensured. This mechanical process is vital in industries such as food, automotive and precision engineering, which require dimensional accuracy and surface quality.

Our lathe reaches 6,000 mm in diameter and allows for a wide range of shapes to be created, reducing material waste and ensuring consistency in the production of multiple components.

Component milling

Milling is a finish through which excess material is removed, creating flatgrooved or complex surfaces with great precision. An essential step in the production of mechanical components and machine parts requiring adhesion.

In addition, milling offers the possibility of creating intricate and detailed contours as required.
Our milling machines have a load capacity of up to 25,000 kg.

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