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The sectors in which we operate

Our industrial experience - a real guarantee

Over the years we have consolidated versatility and competence in the field of metal carpentry: we explore new ideas and adapt to the needs of the companies we work with.

We can work with stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron and brass using precise welding techniques to meet the most demanding requirements.

This flexibility enables us to successfully serve multiple sectors, from the food industry to the chemical-pharmaceuticalpetrochemical, energy-geothermal and automotive industries.

Discover how our experience and dedication enable us to provide tailor-made systems for every sector, guaranteeing the highest quality and reliability in every project.

Excellence in the Food Industry

The food industry presents unique challenges and requires dedicated knowledge to ensure the production of certified equipment and systems.

At B.F.B. Group, we fully understand the complexity of this sector and offer tailor-made component manufacturing services for companies involved in the processing of raw materials into high-quality food products.

We use AISI 304 and 316 stainless steel to ensure strength and hygiene, and adopt the latest technology to ensure maximum control and safety of the final product.


The processes that make us stand out

Our skills in weldingpiping and machining apply to a variety of equipment required for delicate processes: cooking, cutting, pasteurisation, germ elimination and the processing of fruit, vegetables, preserves, yoghurt and dried fruit.

We offer complete lines for production processes, machinery and plants for product storage, sorting and packaging systems, dosing and filling systems.

We also manufacture capping machines for liquid and semi-liquid beverages and foodstuffs.

Our experience in the chemical-pharmaceutical industry

We are a trusted partner of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, where safety and precision are paramount. Our specialisation focuses on the construction of AISI 316-304 stainless steel tanks designed to handle liquids under controlled pressure conditions.

They are welded by licensed technicians.

Our PED-certified tanks are intended for the storage and mixing of liquids subject to high pressures. We ensure plant efficiency, particularly in the rinsing, filling and capping processes of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


Plants and components

In addition to distinguishing ourselves in the production of tanks, we design and manufacture essential individual components such as manifolds, tube bundles and piping. They connect the different pressure tanks within complex production facilities.

We can therefore guarantee continuous solutions and the relative safety and reliability of industrial processes.

The complexity of the petrochemical sector

B.F.B. Group is committed to ensuring maximum safety and functionality in the petrochemical industry, which we serve offering reliability and rigour.

Our pressure tanks, intended for transporting fuel, are ideal for thermal insulation of plants and tubes.


Guaranteed safety in risk sectors

Given the demanding nature of the petrochemical industry, each project requires a careful and detailed design. Our PED-certified pressure tanks, which are required to contain gases or liquids at pressures other than the external pressure, are made of stainless steel and undergo safety checks.

All B.F.B. components are designed to withstand the extremely harsh working conditions found in the petrochemical industry.

Our contribution to renewable energy

Our expertise spans many industries, including the energy and bio-energy industry across Italy.

We work with materials that have excellent corrosion resistance, easy to clean, with an excellent hygiene coefficient, wide temperature range and non-magnetic properties.


Application in the geothermal industry

Our pressure tanks are used in compressed air storageinertial steam, steam distribution and thermal oil storage for geothermal plants.

Geothermal plants, operating at low enthalpy, use the subsoil as a thermal reservoir to extract heat in winter and release it in summer. Geothermal energy is a renewable energy source, although it requires electricity to run the heat pumps.

Our geothermal reservoirs can be coupled with heat pumps for winter heating or air conditioners for summer air conditioning, ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability.

Future-oriented projects in the automotive industry

The automotive industry requires intelligent and flexible production to meet the challenges of a constantly growing market.

We stand out thanks to our experience in the industry: each of our customised automation systems accompanies the customer’s growth.

For over 25 years, we have been developing efficient engineering solutions: we combine industry knowledge with ongoing consultancy that follows the customer from design to installation.


Stainless steel machining for the automotive industry

Stainless steel is a key material in the automotive industry owing to its combination of strength and corrosion resistance. This feature allows the material’s thickness to be significantly reduced, leading to greater efficiency and lower costs.

We use a wide range of advanced welding techniques, including coated electrode, TIG, MIG, plasma , submerged arc, laser, resistance and high frequency welding.

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