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Certified carpentry, welding and machining

Regular safety checks for our customers

We are involved in the production of certified metal structures for various industries, from pharmaceuticals to chemicals, from automotive to food.

Each type of processing is checked and certified based on very strict standards. The materials used vary depending on the industry we work for, the most commonly used being stainless steel and aluminium.

The guarantee of our welding

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Certified pressure instruments

The PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) certification proves that our products comply with the high European safety standards. It protects the safety of end users, reducing the risk of accidents. It also opens the door to global markets, as it is recognised as a symbol of quality internationally, enhancing the company’s credibility. We therefore see advantages in terms of safetyreputation and market competitiveness.

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M.O.C.A. for food contact

The MOCA (Material and Object in Contact with Food) certification plays a key role for companies that produce instruments intended for food use. It protects the health of consumers, increases customer confidence and enhances corporate reputation. It is a necessary certification that protects the company, increases customer confidence and opens doors to new business opportunities.

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Comply with ASME requirements

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Do you have a niche industry that requires special processing?